Psychic Journey

The following is a sample of what is in the book

My Psychic Journey Ė A Memoir of the Craft

Written by John Sleeper


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book of approximately 25,000 words. This book is a true account of

Johnís experiences in the psychic world that he and you are part of.



My Psychic Journey

A Memoir of the Craft



We live in a fascinating world that I never thought too much about when I was young other than to note that there were some very curious things going on that I took for granted. Things like zooming out amongst the stars to where nothing was visible except the black void. That gave me a very eerie feeling and scared me a bit too I guess, but it was fun. Seeing what was around the next corner was another fascinating game that I played by myself as I walked home from grammar school. Seeing my body from the inside and healing cuts was another curiosity that I never thought too much of when I was young. Later I developed this skill into healing everything from simple cuts to cancer and mental illnesses. When I work on people or animals for these problems the results in most cases manifest instantly. It is accomplished via my communicating on a psychic level with their subconscious mind to find and correct blockages to the normal flow of energy within their body. Removing this blockage allows the body to heal itself.

It wasnít until much later in life that I encountered spirits that I actually identified as spirits.  Looking back I now realize that there were many such interactions, especially with my spirit guides. Sometimes this interaction was forceful and other times it was no more than just a gentle nudge to show me new things. I continued with my daily life in blissful ignorance of what was really happening all around me. But, now that I have spent a bit more time in this life, I marvel at what I could do then and now and think it a shame that I did not see the value in these things sooner than just 12 years ago.

By relating my journey thus far I hope that any who read these stories will take time to reflect on their lives. See the value in the things you can do and want to develop those talents that will help you and those around you to have a more fulfilling life. When you have children, pay attention when they talk to or tell you about their friend that you may not be able to see or hear. Donít discourage them by brushing them off because you are busy. Take a little time to encourage them by asking them to tell you about what they see and hear. Donít limit yourself by believing what the conventional wisdom of the day says your life should be. Let go and believe in yourself no matter how difficult it seems. Welcome new experiences. Pay attention to those unusual experiences you tend to brush off as coincidence or that little voice in the back of your mind that tries to warn you of things.


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